William Hill's Missouri travel and editorial photography.


Portrait, Assignment 6, William Hill

For my portrait assignment 6 I used natural lighting with subtractive overhangs on my friend Branden. Then I composed some of the better shots into two collages like you’d find in a book for seniors. One of these is meant to be printed with some space on the right side for text, the other is meant to be more or less even across the book.

See the production shots in my flickr.


Editorial, Assignment 6, William Hill

For this assignment I took some bounce flash and shot Easter dinner foodstuffs.

Production shots on my flickr.

Editorial, assignment 5, cake, William Hill

I shot a sponge cake with strawberries and whipped cream topping, and it’s been tinted with food color to make a nice Easter color palette. It was very creamy.

Production shots on flickr.

Assignment 5, portrait, subtractive, William Hill

Despite an overcast day I came up with a few substractive/reflective shots of my friend Chelsea. The idea is to use natural lighting to create nice portraits. Now if only I knew how to liquify..

More, and unedited production shots, on my flickr.

Editorial, Assignment 4, Unagi Salald with Cucumber, William Hill

For today’s editorial shoot I’ve made a Japanese salad of eel (unagi) that’s been grilled, with cucumbers lightly doused in salt, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and sugar dressing.

More (and unfinished production shots) on my flickr.

Portrait, Assignment 4, High Key, William Hill

Here we have my high key portrait set with the model, Amber. Done in my home studio, we had a bit of trouble with the background. But I feel it came out well.

More on my flickr.

Editorial, food demo, William Hill

We did a demo where Jerry brought in homemade bread and we made sandwhiches and salads to showcase food shooting. I ate the results afterwards, and the bread was amazing.

Full size at flickr.

Portrait, Reflective/Subtractive demo, William Hill

These are from the demo for the next assignment, using shadow/overhangs and reflected light to create outdoor portraits without use of flash.

Full size on flickr.

Creative, assignment 4, William Hill

For my fourth assignment in creative photography I’m revisiting the fixed focus ideal with some blur outside to recreate movement and movement of the planet around us. I think the colors helped with the overall aesthetic, and created a sort of surreal supernatural effect.

More on my flickr.

Creative, assignment 5, video, William Hill

We’ve been working on making movies in my creative class, and this is my result. Enjoy.